Our Story

Who we are? Read our Story

Our story started a few years back, when one night we gathered as we often do. We reached the topic of our small society and how much help many people need. Each, by telling his personal experience, we came up with a plan to help as much as we could. Thus, each one of us started within his own family raising money or clothes.

For the first couple of years we were the “group of friends” that helps the ones in need.

Our story became more and more known and we started getting donations. One day we proposed to put our plan in serious work and Care For Hope was legalized in 2015 under the number 1702/ed.

Now we have expanded our target and we currently help more than 100 families.

What we do? See Our Works

Clothes Supply

We accept used clothes that will be distributed. New clothes are distributed every Holiday.

Food Supply

Gathering food from donations, putting them in boxes and further distribution to the respective families.

Home Renovations

From our data, we stratify the houses based on the needs of each family and renovate houses from inside out.

Home Supply

From hygiene boxes to home appliances.